WAD Drakon start in :WAT Drakon world started !
Vampire Kingdom Content Update

Vampire Kingdom Teaser - Dungeons & Endgame Area

Dungeon 1 - The Infernal Abyss Venture into the depths of the Infernal Abyss, a subterranean labyrinth shrouded in mystery and danger. This dungeon, steeped in dark lore, is a haven for the most sinister creatures and spirits:

  • Monstrous Inhabitants: Encounter Cryptkeepers, Soulreavers, Darkwhispers, Embermysts, Voidwalkers, and the thorny Bloodthorns.

  • Formidable Bosses: Battle through the ranks of Flameheart, Bloodclaw, and Deathshroud.

  • Final Confrontation: Prepare for the ultimate showdown with the Infernal Overlord, a being of pure malice and power.

Dungeon 2 - Lucian Shadowfang's Gauntlet Northwest of the vampire town lies Lucian Shadowfang's Gauntlet, a treacherous journey through the underground near Dragon Fall. Tasked by Lucian himself, you'll face:

  • Underground Menace: Defend against the cunning Underground Watchers and Overseers.

  • A Quest for Vengeance: Aid Lucian Shadowfang in his quest to purge these threats and unravel a deeper conspiracy.

Dungeon 3 - The Eastern Mountain Trial The Eastern Mountain Trial presents the longest and most arduous journey. Located in the eastern mountains of Dragon Fall, it's a test of wit and strength:

  • Complex Challenges: Navigate through intricate traps, mazes, and puzzles.

  • Epic Finale: Your perseverance will lead you to the climactic encounter with the Vampire King, a figure shrouded in legend and terror.

28 Jan 2024
Supporter Packs January

Counting Donations: Starting January 1, 2024, all your donations will count towards earning our exclusive Supporter Packs.

Purely Visual: Items in these Supporter Packs are designed to enhance your character's appearance only. They're all about adding some stylish flair without giving any statistical advantages.

Easy Redemption: Qualifying for a Supporter Pack? You can claim it as soon as you log in. Keep an eye out for a notification prompting you to redeem your well-earned rewards. !supporter get and command !supporter show

Accumulative Donations: The more you support, the more you unlock! With a cumulative donation total of $300, you can unlock all Supporter Packs available this month. And no rush – your donations throughout January add up, so you can contribute at your own pace.

Your support is invaluable in helping us enhance the game and bring you more exciting content. Every contribution makes a big difference!

Thank you for your continued support. Let's make January a fantastic start to 2024!

Happy gaming! 

04 Jan 2024


PvP Power Equipment Mechanics:
Restored Item Movement Protection: Implemented protection against moving items with PvP power attributes from equipment slots during PZ lock.
Explanation: This measure is designed to prevent scenarios where a player, just before death, removes items with PvP power in order to exploit the PvP protection system. It addresses a loophole that allowed players to unfairly avoid consequences in PvP situations, ensuring a more balanced and fair gameplay experience.
Mission Progression Security:
Elite/Ancient Ultimate Healing Missions: Secured progress reset (monster kills, access to NPC) during reborn.

Set Updates and Enhancements:
Orc Set: Added a Reflect attribute, providing a total of 10% reflect.
Destruction Set: Added the missing PvP Power attribute.

Spell Formula Revamp:
Exori Mas Dev Spell: Overhauled the formula for better scaling with player level, armor, and defense attributes.

Dungeon Accessibility Improvements:
Dragon Dungeon in Dragon Fall: Created a new passage to previously unreachable monsters.
Shortcut Restoration at Storm Island: Restored a previously removed by mistake a shortcut to Gorgols.

Spell Enhancements:
Ultimate Explosion / Ultimate Frigo Update:
Revamped critical limits for these spells. The limit of a maximum of 2 targets receiving critical damage has been removed for players with access to godly potions.

Outfit Preservation:
Angel Outfit Stability: Secured the Angel outfit against resetting during the rebirthing process.

Ankrahmun Raid Monster Adjustments:
Improved Raid Accessibility for All Classes:
Anubis & Tefnakht II: Removed physical resistance.
Xerxes II, Psammetichus IV, Oupharis, Sepheres, Nerikare, Merenhor: Removed death resistance.
These changes allow both melee and magician classes to participate more effectively in the raid.

Monster Point Bosses Teleportation Fix:
Area-Specific Teleportation: Corrected teleportation areas for some monster point bosses, especially Immortal General. Now, only players near the Monster Master NPC will be teleported, enhancing the targeting precision of these encounters.

Ancient Dragons Storm Island Boss Rooms:
Room Exit Mechanics: Fixed all Ancient Dragons Storm Island boss rooms to prevent unintended teleportation of players from side rooms upon completion. The radius for checking players' locations has been adjusted to specific rooms for a smoother raid experience.

Healing Debuff Adjustment on Storyline Bosses:
We've made adjustments to the healing debuff on several key Storyline Bosses to better accommodate solo players. The following bosses will now have a slightly reduced healing debuff, enhancing the solo play experience and enabling more players to progress in their journeys:
Aursiocem Ogre King
Grand Inquisitor

Ammunition/Pierce and Potions Access NPC Update:
Fixed Item Requirement Issue: Resolved an issue where NPCs for Ammunition/Pierce and Potions access were incorrectly taking items with rarity from the inventory. They will now correctly take normal items from the backpack as part of the quest requirement.

Sellable items / PvP Power:
Forgiven Amulet: Introduced the option to sell the Forgiven Amulet at Gheed NPCs.
Wind Order Mage Shield: Added missing PvP power attribute.

Thunder Library Spawn Enhancements:
New Mirror Spawn: Added a Mirror of Thunder Library spawn.
Mailbox: A new mailbox has been placed near the entrance of the Thunder Library spawn.

Hourly Highlighted Boost Update:
Monster Selection Adjusted: Replaced early game monsters in the hourly highlighted experience boost with more midgame/endgame monsters.

New Store Currency:
WAD COIN BAR Introduced: Added the new WAD COIN BAR currency to the store. Each WAD COIN BAR is equivalent to 100 wad coins, or 1000 points. Please restart the client to view this new item in the game store.

Guild Achievement Update:
Meeting Mortality Achievement: Updated this guild achievement to include lightning immortals.

New Crafting/Buying Options at NPC Archmage Khadrys:
Mana Leech Box, Critical Damage Box, and Critical Chance Box: These items can now be crafted at NPC Archmage Khadrys using 3 Gem Boxes, which are rewards from daily tasks. This provides an alternative to the current option of buying these boxes for 12 box gems.

04 Jan 2024
Special Donation Bonus

Special During this festive season, from December 24th until December 27th, we are excited to offer a special bonus for all types of donations:

  • +20% Total Bonus Points will be added to donations made through:

    • PayPal

    • Blik

    • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum)

    • Tibia Coins

This bonus is our way of saying thank you for your support and celebrating the holiday season with our community. Whether you're making a donation via PayPal, Blik, crypto, or Tibia Coins, you'll receive an additional 20% in bonus points. Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you a joyous and festive holiday season!

24 Dec 2023
Santa Claus visits Dragon Fall !

We're excited to introduce our special Christmas event ! Until December 24th, 2023, join us for two daily raids at : 21:00 CET 07:00 CET.

Event Details:

  • Location: The raids will occur on the Christmas Event Island. Find teleports near Santa Claus at Dragon Fall depot +1.

  • Snowball Mechanics: The raid monsters are only vulnerable to Snowballs, which you can find at the start of the Christmas Event Island.

  • Festive Foes: Battle unique monsters like Monochrome Mischief, Crimson Crinkle, Verdant Vagabond, and Jester Jingle to earn Present Boxes and Christmas Crystals.

Christmas Crystals & Special NPC:

  • Collect as many Christmas Crystals as you can! On December 24th, Christmas Eve, the festive and mysterious NPC, Sir Nicholas Glitterbeard, will arrive. He will offer you the chance to exchange your Christmas Crystals for unique and valuable rewards.

Join the festive fun and seize this opportunity to celebrate the holiday season in WAD/WAT with thrilling raids and exclusive rewards. Let's make this Christmas in WAD/WAT a truly magical experience!

Event Details

  • Festive Decorations:

    • Dragon Fall Town is now adorned with Christmas trees, candies, and festive decorations.

  • Santa Claus NPC:

    • Craft 3 different types of presents by interacting with Santa Claus. Just say "present" to the NPC!

      • Small present for 15 Christmas candies.

      • Medium present for 30 Christmas candies.

      • Big present for 50 Christmas candies.

    • Over 50 different prizes are up for grabs!

  • Holly Jinglebelle NPC:

    • She's here to give additional presents beside Santa, once a day, for players level 50 or higher.

    • Just say "Present" to her and enjoy your gift! ?

    • Over 45 different prizes available.

  • Christmas Candies Drop:

    • 100% chance to drop from:

      • Demonic Monsters (1 candy).

      • Archdemonic Monsters (up to 3 candies).

This is just the beginning of the whole Christmas event. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days, including completely new events and mechanics. Let's celebrate together in the world of Drakon!

19 Dec 2023

Game changes:

Cold Blood Vampire Ring Revamp:

  • Life Drain Protection increased from 10% to 15%.

  • Added Protection All +3%.

  • Added Max HP +5%.

  • Added Max MP +5%.

Monster Density Increases:

  • Increased monster density of some spots at Jungle Island and Storm Island.

Knight Missions - New Healing Runes:

  • Knight Barracks Location: The knight barracks for these missions are located in a small building to the left of the Dragon Fall forge.

  • Missions Tier 1:

    • Elite Healing Rune, 20% stronger than standard UH.

  • Missions Tier 2:

    • Ancient Healing Rune, 30% stronger than standard UH.

Rarity Crafting System Changes:

  • Rarity System Explanation:

    • Each set has two types of reforge/reroll scrolls: 1) One for wad coins and another 2) for set pieces + gold + small amount of wad coins.

  • Today's Update:

    • Removed wad coins requirement from option 2), making it completely F2P available.

Cost Adjustments for Rarity Sets:

  • Tier 1 Sets:

    • Crystal bar cost is 1:1 ratio to wad coin cost (e.g., 10 wad coins = 10 crystal bars).

  • Tier 2 Sets:

    • Crystal bar cost is 1:1.5 ratio to wad coin cost (e.g., 10 wad coins = 15 crystal bars).

  • Tier 3 Sets:

    • Crystal bar cost is 1:3 ratio to wad coin cost (e.g., 10 wad coins = 30 crystal bars).

Detailed Costs for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Sets:

  • Elite Guard, Heavy Ranger, Hellfire, Alchemist, Demon Hunter, Orc, Immortal, King, Destruction Sets:

    • Legendary Reforge: Wad coins removed, added 15-35 crystal bars depending on set.

    • Legendary Reroll: Wad coins removed, added 10-25 crystal bars depending on set.

  • Tentacle, Bloody Tentacle, Urtrudurk, Bloody Urtrudurk Sets:

    • Legendary Reforge: Wad coins removed, added 75 crystal bars.

    • Legendary Reroll: Wad coins removed, added 45 crystal bars.

  • Samurai, Magician Samurai, Vampire, Magician Vampire Sets:

    • Legendary Reforge: Wad coins removed, added 90 crystal bars.

    • Legendary Reroll: Wad coins removed, added 60 crystal bars.

17 Dec 2023
New Players Catchup Boosts

We're excited to announce new features and updates based on a highly upvoted player suggestion. These changes aim to motivate new players and provide them with a real chance to catch up with seasoned veterans.

Catchup Boosts:

  • New Player Motivation: Introducing catchup boosts to help new players progress faster.

  • Boost Types:

    • 50% Boost: For each character without any reborn (up to 1 reborn).

    • 25% Boost: For each character with only 1 reborn, on their way to the Ancient promotion (up to 2 reborn).

  • Future Enhancements: With further progress on the server, additional catchup boosts will be introduced to continually support new players' growth.

Paladin Items Updates:

  • Flame Order Crossbow: Attack power increased from 28 to 34.

  • Demon Hunter Set: Now has a reflect amount equal to Alchemist set dodge, totaling 8% reflect:

    • Demon Hunter Helmet: +1% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Armor: +2% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Legs: +3% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Boots: Reflect +2%, Distance Fighting from +5 to +7.

Reborn Tree Changes for Paladins:

  • Deadlyshoot (Crit %): Now requires only 1 reborn for the first upgrades, similar to the Knights tree.

  • Price Adjustment:

    • Levels 1-3: From 10kk to 10k.

    • Levels 4-8: From 30kk to 60k.

    • Levels 9-13: From 50kk to 200k.

  • Explorer on Reborn Tree: To maintain the total money requirement for godly vocation, the cost has been doubled:

    • Levels 1-3: From 10kk to 20kk.

    • Levels 4-8: From 30kk to 60kk.

    • Levels 9-13: From 50kk to 100kk.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to evolve and improve your experience in Drakon!

07 Dec 2023
Pre-Release Supporter Packs

29 Nov 2023
Drakon Launch 1.12.2023 !

🐲 We are thrilled to announce the opening of a new winter season for the WAD server, Drakon! 🎉

Set your calendars for 1.12.2023 at 18:00 CET.

🔥 Core Game Changes:

  • Reborn Coins: Exchanging for higher tiers is now disabled.

  • Training Wands Rework: Balanced to be fair for all vocations.

  • F2P Crafting Scrolls: Prices significantly reduced.

  • Spirits Tankiness: Defense capabilities lowered.

  • Pierce Arrow System: Now unlocked via quest completion.

  • Clubs Toggle: Switch between Single target and AoE.

🛠️ Other Changes:

  • Fixed Sea Order Coin Quest entrance.

  • Updated Sea Order Coin Quest NPC interactions.

  • Experience from custom monsters rebalanced.

  • Samurai Content overhaul.

  • Adjusted Crit damage in PVP.

  • Reduced monster count in quests.

  • New anti-bot rule: Repeated waypoints = Ban.

  • New NPC for buying loot items due to Rarity Crafting scroll changes.

🔒 SHOP - Gem Boxes F2P:

We Are Dragons has removed all crafting boxes from the store, except for the crystal box. This change, driven by community feedback, aims to balance the playing field between free-to-play and pay-to-win players. All gem boxes are now grindable through daily quests, monsters, demonic systems, tasks, golden tokens, and events.

👀 More to Come: This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for a comprehensive changelog with additional Quality of Life improvements.

16 Nov 2023