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New Players Catchup Boosts

We're excited to announce new features and updates based on a highly upvoted player suggestion. These changes aim to motivate new players and provide them with a real chance to catch up with seasoned veterans.

Catchup Boosts:

  • New Player Motivation: Introducing catchup boosts to help new players progress faster.

  • Boost Types:

    • 50% Boost: For each character without any reborn (up to 1 reborn).

    • 25% Boost: For each character with only 1 reborn, on their way to the Ancient promotion (up to 2 reborn).

  • Future Enhancements: With further progress on the server, additional catchup boosts will be introduced to continually support new players' growth.

Paladin Items Updates:

  • Flame Order Crossbow: Attack power increased from 28 to 34.

  • Demon Hunter Set: Now has a reflect amount equal to Alchemist set dodge, totaling 8% reflect:

    • Demon Hunter Helmet: +1% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Armor: +2% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Legs: +3% reflect.

    • Demon Hunter Boots: Reflect +2%, Distance Fighting from +5 to +7.

Reborn Tree Changes for Paladins:

  • Deadlyshoot (Crit %): Now requires only 1 reborn for the first upgrades, similar to the Knights tree.

  • Price Adjustment:

    • Levels 1-3: From 10kk to 10k.

    • Levels 4-8: From 30kk to 60k.

    • Levels 9-13: From 50kk to 200k.

  • Explorer on Reborn Tree: To maintain the total money requirement for godly vocation, the cost has been doubled:

    • Levels 1-3: From 10kk to 20kk.

    • Levels 4-8: From 30kk to 60kk.

    • Levels 9-13: From 50kk to 100kk.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to evolve and improve your experience in Drakon!

07 Dec 2023
Pre-Release Supporter Packs

29 Nov 2023
Drakon Launch 1.12.2023 !

🐲 We are thrilled to announce the opening of a new winter season for the WAD server, Drakon! 🎉

Set your calendars for 1.12.2023 at 18:00 CET.

🔥 Core Game Changes:

  • Reborn Coins: Exchanging for higher tiers is now disabled.

  • Training Wands Rework: Balanced to be fair for all vocations.

  • F2P Crafting Scrolls: Prices significantly reduced.

  • Spirits Tankiness: Defense capabilities lowered.

  • Pierce Arrow System: Now unlocked via quest completion.

  • Clubs Toggle: Switch between Single target and AoE.

🛠️ Other Changes:

  • Fixed Sea Order Coin Quest entrance.

  • Updated Sea Order Coin Quest NPC interactions.

  • Experience from custom monsters rebalanced.

  • Samurai Content overhaul.

  • Adjusted Crit damage in PVP.

  • Reduced monster count in quests.

  • New anti-bot rule: Repeated waypoints = Ban.

  • New NPC for buying loot items due to Rarity Crafting scroll changes.

🔒 SHOP - Gem Boxes F2P:

We Are Dragons has removed all crafting boxes from the store, except for the crystal box. This change, driven by community feedback, aims to balance the playing field between free-to-play and pay-to-win players. All gem boxes are now grindable through daily quests, monsters, demonic systems, tasks, golden tokens, and events.

👀 More to Come: This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for a comprehensive changelog with additional Quality of Life improvements.

16 Nov 2023